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Serious About Business Growth?

As your business grows, keeping up with accurate quotes, following up, and getting sales is going to take more time that you can reasonably afford to spend. If you’re preparing for growth, or if you’re already struggling to keep up, Leadstream can help.

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We know, because that’s how
Leadstream got its start.

Leadstream’s founder Nick Parkin spent years running a pressure washing business, quickly growing their client list, adding new contractors, and creating a company that was turning over close to $1,000,000 revenue in it’s second year of operation.

That quick growth created an unsustainable problem: how do you keep up with creating accurate quotes, responding to customer requests, and following up with leads without sacrificing hours every day?

Reliable sales staff were hard to find, and training them was costly and time consuming. There had to be a better way. We needed a new approach, something that would streamline the leads process and make it easy to price jobs and make sales.

The answer was to build an instant pricing form on our website. Customers would fill out basic information about their needs, hit submit, and get an instant quote for the work they needed.

Man Doing Pressure Washing Job

This was the beginning of LeadStream.

Being able to offer instant quotes increased our website conversion rate dramatically and best of all, it was sending up to 8 quotes a day, saving hours of driving for quotes that often didn’t convert.

This allowed us to focus our time on high value clients and on developing an even stronger team. Streamlining our process and freeing our time up enabled us to increase our sales from $60,000 to $120,000 per month, just before we sold the business.

Now, we’re offering Leadstream, a more polished version of our original instant quote website plugin, to other home service businesses. We want to make it easier for other businesses to succeed, yours included.

We stand behind this product not only because it worked for us, but because it works so well for the home service businesses who are already using Leadstream to revolutionise the way they do business.

Life is too short to spend all of your free time running your business. Leadstream can generate instant quotes from your website and then streamline your sales and follow-up process. This takes the stress out of sales, gives time back to your team, and allows you to quickly grow your business, all while still having time for the things you love to do.

Ready to see how Leadstream will work for your business?

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