How Pro WaterBlasting Streamlines Operations with Quoting Software

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  • On-site quotes, synced data, and seamless scheduling are some features that have boosted efficiency for Pro WaterBlasting.
  • LeadStream’s integrated system reduced errors, accelerated operations, and allowed Pro WaterBlasting to focus on maintaining high service quality.
  • Pro WaterBlasting highly recommends LeadStream’s platform for other home service businesses looking to improve their operations and scale.

Exceptional service providers like Pro WaterBlasting, rely on streamlined software to deliver outstanding results for their home and commercial customers. We recently spoke to Lara McCormick, owner of Pro WaterBlasting Company, about how LeadStream’s quoting software has impacted their business.

Quality Leads For Better Home Washing Services

Lara McCormick, owner of the leading house washing provider Pro WaterBlasting, praises how LeadStream’s integrated quoting software has amplified her business’s productivity and quality of service.

The Operational Bottlenecks Of A Growing Service Business

From Pro WaterBlasting’s start, Lara’s sterling reputation for house washing services fueled rapid company growth. While this created growing customer demand across Auckland, manual back-office processes led to bottlenecks:

  • Repeatedly creating quotes from scratch wasted technicians’ valuable on-site time
  • Managing data across platforms raised the risk of errors as jobs scaled
  • Optimizing complex schedule coordination and route planning was difficult

To maintain Pro WaterBlasting’s 5-star service quality while accelerating growth, Lara knew she needed to streamline operations.

End-to-End Software Efficiency From Lead Intake To Payment

By adopting LeadStream’s tailored software for home service providers, Pro WaterBlasting boosted complete workflow efficiency:

Instant Accurate Quotes: LeadStream allows Pro WaterBlasting technicians to generate consistent quotes onsite based on stored pricing data. Homeowners receive quotes and photos of areas to be washed within an hour of service visits. It builds trust in the quotes and shortens sales cycles.

Seamless Business Workflows: With an integrated system managing the entire workflow, Pro WaterBlasting eliminates manual processes between systems, leading to errors and lost productivity. LeadStream syncs critical data into Xero for simplified accounting and billing.

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Scaling with Ease: As jobs increase 30-40% year-over-year, LeadStream’s optimized interface simplifies scheduling for Pro WaterBlasting’s growing crews. The coordinated system enables the company to take on more properties without compromising its 5-star stainless service.

Delivering Spotless Results: With field teams fully supported by tailored software, the Pro WaterBlasting team focuses purely on timely, high-quality exterior washing services trusted across Auckland’s finest homes and communities. LeadStream enhances their systems to match their impeccable results.

Cleaner Homes And A Streamlined Business

LeadStream’s integrated system enhances productivity for field crews and back office staff alike at Pro WaterBlasting. Operations accelerate while reducing double work and errors.

Meanwhile, Lara McCormick upholds Pro WaterBlasting’s customer-focused values and exceptional house-washing services that built her company. Homeowners enjoy sparkling clean home exteriors, faster quoting, better communication, and more manageable payments.

The Results Speak For Themselves

LeadStream’s platform delivers measurable operational efficiencies right out of the gate while enhancing customer satisfaction. Pro WaterBlasting runs a tighter ship with greater quality control, helping Lara’s company stand out from competitors.

For home service business owners chasing both quality results and scale, Lara enthusiastically recommends LeadStream’s proven end-to-end software solution. Purpose-built for home services, it allows service companies to recoup hours otherwise lost to coordinate jobs and data across various platforms.

“LeadStream has been instrumental for us to sustain quality while accelerating our house washing business,” adds Lara. “I highly recommend their platform to take your home service company to the next level.”

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