In the construction world, giving excellent customer service is super important. It all comes down to quickly providing accurate estimates and keeping track of leads during projects. Managing many jobs, talking with clients, and staying on top can be challenging for any construction business owner or contractor. That’s where Leadstream’s special software comes in handy. With it, you can make professional quotes that show exactly what your construction service offers. Whether you work on houses, businesses, or big projects, you can customise our software to fit your needs. It helps ensure that your quotes cover everything about the project and that everything is clear.

Features And Benefits For
Construction Professionals

Custom Quotes

Create professional, branded quotes that accurately reflect the scope of your construction services. Our construction estimating software guarantees detailed cost estimates for new builds and renovations, eliminating misunderstandings or omissions.

Comprehensive Client Information With Ease

You can create custom questionnaires capturing client construction needs - project details, timelines, material preferences, and budgets - streamlining estimation for accurate quotes.

Automated Email Quotations

Once you've created a quote, our software automatically sends it to the client's email address. You can customise the email message to reflect your brand's voice and add a personal touch.

Personalised Customer Support

Make your customers feel special by showing them you're committed to giving them great support. It helps your business stand out from others.

Seamless Lead Management

Stay on top of leads and follow up in real-time with lead generation software tailored for the construction industry. You can quickly sort and prioritise your leads to stay organised and get things done smoothly.

Real-Time Follow-Up Automation

You can set up automated follow-up reminders, ensuring you take advantage of every opportunity to secure a project or promptly address a client's concerns, enhancing customer service.

Boost Efficiency, Productivity, And Profitability

You do not waste hours on manual data entry or loss opportunities due to disorganised lead tracking. Our home building estimating software, packed with many features, empowers you to work smarter, not harder, ultimately boosting your productivity, business efficiency, and profitability.

Why Choose Leadstream For Estimating Process

Industry Knowledge

We have years of experience working with construction companies, so we know your particular difficulties and have designed our software to solve them efficiently.

An easy-to-use interface

Our programme is so simple to use that even people with no technological background can get along with it.

Consistent Assistance

At every stage, our team of professionals is available to assist you. Our priority is helping you get the most out of our software, from onboarding to continuing support.

Simple Registration

Signing up is simple. Just click on this link: register. It will take you to the registration page, where you can easily create your account.

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Our quoting software allows you to incorporate high-resolution photos and videos into your quotes seamlessly. It enables you to showcase your previous work, highlight specific areas of expertise, and provide clients with a clear understanding of the results they can expect.

For businesses that offer recurring services or subscription-based packages, our quoting software is fully equipped to handle these types of arrangements. You can easily create and send quotes that outline the details, including pricing, frequency, and terms. Our software can also automatically generate renewal quotes or invoices at set intervals.

Absolutely. Our construction bid app seamlessly integrates with popular scheduling and job management platforms. After a bid is accepted, you can easily sync the job details, client information, and pricing into your preferred scheduling tool, eliminating redundant data entry.

Yes, customisation with our construction bid app is easy. You can customise the bid templates to match your company’s branding, including logos, colour schemes, and messaging. Additionally, you can create multiple templates for different service offerings or client types.

We are actively working on implementing this feature. Once live, you can gather valuable client feedback directly within our platform. It can help you understand areas of strength and areas for improvement, allowing you to enhance your construction services over time continuously.


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